About Family Camp

What is Family Camp?

Why should kids have all the fun? Our Family Camp is designed to give all ages the opportunity to have fun at Kingsley Pines Camp! There are a variety of options for families to be together and for adults and children to enjoy some time on their own.

Reasons Why Family Camp is a Great Vacation!

  • Beautiful, scenic location on a crystal clear lake in Maine. No crowds, no long lines, no extensive planning.
  • Everything is included. At Family Camp, delicious meals are served at our lakeside dining area and all the activities are provided. You never have to figure out “what are we going to do next?”
  • Unlike many neighborhoods, Camp is a safe place where parents can allow their children to go from place to place unsupervised. Kids get a little freedom and independence, while adults get some relaxation.
  • Large variety of activities for all ages (4+). At Family Camp there are age appropriate activities for every age group.
  • Amazing staff that are great with kids and adults, and help provide a wholesome, friendly atmosphere.
  • Adults can participate, too. During designated activity periods we are responsible for the children so the adults can engage in activities such as waterskiing, playing tennis, throwing a pot in ceramics or simply reading a book on the beach.
  • Build lasting memories with your family and genuine friendships with other families, for both the adults and children. Camp allows the time for conversations and building friendships that can last a lifetime.
  • A break from screens. While we do allow smart phones and computers at Family Camp, you won’t see parents or children using them during meals or activities. Time spent at Family Camp is all about engaging with one another and the activities you are enjoying!