Parent Handbook 2021

For the summer of 2021, we have updated our Parent Handbook to reflect the changes we have made to provide a safe camp experience in accordance with applicable Covid-19 guidelines. This handbook is designed to help you prepare for an awesome camp experience! More than ever, this year we need you to read through all of the sections.

We have tried to anticipate most of your questions, but feel free to contact us with any questions you still have.

We are looking forward to a great summer with your child and are honored to be an important part of their summer memories and personal development.



  • Masks, Physical Distancing and Group Management for 2021

    Campers will consider their cabin to be their “Family.” Masks will not be required in their cabin or when they are outside together with their cabin or sitting together with their cabin for meals.

    Cabins will be grouped into “Neighborhoods.” Neighborhoods will consist of between 3-6 cabins. Neighborhoods will be coed, and all members of a Neighborhood will be in the similar grade range. For example, a Neighborhood might be all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Campers will do activities and spend open rec times with other children and counselors in their Neighborhood.

    Campers will not be required to wear masks in most circumstances outdoors when they are playing sports and participating in activities at the waterfront.

    Campers must wear a mask when indoors in a common building like the dining hall when being served food. If a mask is required and a camper needs one, Kingsley Pines will have masks available as needed.

    Campers are welcome to use their own masks, as long as they are multi layered, and fit snugly around their nose and mouth. If any camper feels more comfortable wearing a mask in any situation, they are welcome to do so, and their choice will be supported by our community.

    Gatherings involving multiple Neighborhoods or interactions between individuals from different Neighborhoods will require physical distancing between those Neighborhoods and individuals.

  • 5th Day of Camp Covid-19 PCR Test

    With the exception of campers who are fully vaccinated or who have tested positive for Covid-19 between 11 and 90 days prior to the start of camp, all campers will be given a Covid-19 PCR test on the Thursday of the first week of each session.

    We will send an email notifying all parents whether any tests came back positive. If your child is directly affected by a positive result, we will contact you individually by phone.

    Any camper who tests positive for or is reasonably suspected of having Covid-19 will be placed in our quarantine facility and will need to be picked up by a parent or other adult within 48 hours. Any other campers in the same cabin or cabin group as a camper testing positive for Covid-19 will also be placed in our quarantine facility and need to be picked up within 48 hours. Any camper who is fully vaccinated before attending camp will not need to go home in this situation unless they are exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms.

    We understand the extreme inconvenience and disappointment such a situation would cause for those involved. We are grateful we did not have to implement any of these procedures last summer. However, it is important parents understand our policies, and the critical need to keep Covid-19 out of camp. This is for the well-being of both the camper and the entire camp community.

  • Covid-19 Test Fees

    A charge of $50 per camper will be charged for all campers who received the 5th Day of Camp Covid-19 Test.

  • Emergency Communication

    Personal Emergencies – If any family needs to contact the camp because of a personal emergency, we can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 207-894-9030.

    Emergency at Camp – In the unlikely event an emergency occurs that affects all of camp, we will make every effort to provide information as soon as possible.

    • Our initial contact will be by email. Please make sure we have your current email address. You can update your email address by logging into your account or by calling our office. Any urgent email messages will come from info@kingsleypines.com. Be sure your spam filter is not blocking this address.
    • We may also contact you by phone, either by voice or text message.
    • Please check your email and your cell phone before you call us.

    National or Regional Emergency – The same as an Emergency at Camp.

  • Meet the Year-Round Staff

    Director: Alan Kissack

    Assistant Director: Laura Jo Cunningham

    Assistant Director: Dan Emmons

    Co-owners: Drew Taylor, Carter Coughlan, Devon Coughlan

    Founders: Pat and Joyce Coughlan

  • Summer 2021 Schedule

    View our 2021 summer schedule here.

  • Contact Us

    Click here to contact Kingsley Pines.


Pre-Camp Requirements FOR 2021

  • Pre-Camp Health Screening Form for 2021

    We ask you to take your child’s temperature once each day in the 10 days prior to camp, and record any symptoms they may have. This form must be delivered to our medical team for their review on opening day. We need your child to arrive at camp healthy and ready for a great experience. Please click here and download a copy our Pre-Camp Health Screening Form.

    This screening form is required for all campers except those that are fully vaccinated.

  • Covid-19 Testing Prior to Arrival at Camp for 2021

    We are requiring all campers be tested for Covid-19 with a PCR Molecular test within five days of their arrival at camp, and to provide a copy of the negative test result to our medical team on opening day. There are two exceptions to this requirement as indicated below. After the test is taken, we ask you to take particular care to keep your child from being in any circumstance that might expose them to Covid-19. Please travel to camp as safely as possible, using social distancing, masks, hand washing and hand sanitizers as appropriate.

    If your child is fully vaccinated for Covid-19 prior to their arrival at camp, they are not required to submit a pre-camp Covid-19 test.

    If your child has tested positive for Covid-19 any time between 11 to 90 days prior to them arriving at camp, please provide Kingsley Pines with a letter from your child’s doctor acknowledging your child tested positive for Covid-19 and that they believe it is medically appropriate for your child to attend Kingsley Pines. Your child will not be required to get another PCR Molecular test five days prior to camp. In this situation, if your doctor does not believe your child should attend camp, upon receipt of the prior positive test result, we will give you either a refund or a credit for 2022 for the full amount of the tuition paid.

    If your child has tested positive for Covid-19 in the 10 days prior to them arriving at camp, unfortunately, they will not be able to attend Kingsley Pines this summer. In this situation, upon our receipt of the positive test result, we will give you either a refund or a credit for 2022 for the full amount of the tuition paid.

    Please consult your testing center for information as to when test results will be available. We will NOT ADMIT any campers with LATE TEST RESULTS after opening day.

  • Pre-Camp Behavior for 2021

    We are asking all parents to monitor their children’s behavior as it relates to Covid-19 ten days before camp. This means parents should use their best efforts to not put their children at risk of Covid-19 infection. Campers should not attend sports programs, birthday parties, weddings, funerals or interact with new friends. Your child may attend day camps or other similar programs. If you have a specific question, about an event please contact us.

    You will also be taking your child’s temperature each day in the 10 days prior to camp, and record the result on the Pre-Camp Health Screening Form. Any interactions with a family member or other individual who has tested positive for Covid-19 must be disclosed. All parents will be asked to present a completed Pre-Camp Health Screening Form upon arrival at camp.

    If your child is fully vaccinated for Covid-19 prior to their arrival at camp, they are not required to submit a Pre-Camp Health Screening Form.


Forms & Accounts

  • Forms – Updated for 2021

    All of the forms you need to complete before your child starts camp are available in your online account. Once you have logged in to your account all of the forms are listed under Forms and Documents. The forms are described below:

    • Additional Expenses Form
      This form needs to be completed if you want to rent bedding and towels for your child ($30 per week). Your credit card on file will be charged.
    • Camper Information and Cabinmate Requests Form
      This form is required for all campers. The information requested will help your child’s counselor become better acquainted with him or her. All information provided is used in a confidential manner. This form is also used for making cabinmate requests. Campers are assigned to cabins by school grade. Your son or daughter may request to be in the same cabin with a friend, if the friend is in the same grade. We believe making new friends is an important part of the camp experience. As a result, only one cabinmate request per camper will be honored and only if requested by both campers’ families on this form and such an assignment is reasonably possible.
    • Camper Release Form
      This form is required for all campers. A camper WILL NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, be released to any person other than the child’s parents or guardians without the express written consent of the camper’s parents or guardians. Verbal permission will not be accepted. If you need to change the list of those who have permission to pick up your child from camp, those changes can be updated online on this form.
    • Covid-19 Information Form
      This form is used to gather information about campers Covid-19 positive test history and/or Covid-19 vaccination history. It is in addition to the health form information. Since the vaccine eligibility is continuing to change by age, we will put this form online for you to complete two weeks prior to your child attending camp. We will send you an email reminding you to complete this form at that time.
    • Electronic Device Policy Form
      This form is required for all campers. This form confirms you and your child understand and agree to comply with our Electronic Device Policy.
    • Emergency Medication Permission Form
      Written parental permission is required by Maine Law if you want your child to be able to carry and self-administer an asthma inhaler or an EpiPen while at camp. These are campers who have been diagnosed to be at risk for a potential medical crisis, such as an asthma attack or an allergic reaction. We will also need written permission from your child’s licensed medical provider.If your child needs this permission, download the Emergency Medication Permission Form here and upload the completed Emergency Medication Permission Form with required signatures here.
    • Health History Form
      This form is required for all campers. We do NOT require a physical health examination from your doctor for your child to attend camp.
    • Minor Participation Waiver Form
      This form is required for all campers.
    • Travel Form
      This form is required for all campers. It confirms you understand what time your child needs to be dropped off.
  • Online Account

    An online account was automatically created when you registered your child. Login to your account here to:

    • Complete and submit forms.
    • Update contact information.
    • Update your financial information.
    • Send emails to your child and sign up guests to send emails to your child.
  • Form Due Dates – Updated for 2021

    All required forms must be submitted four weeks before your child starts camp.

    • If your child starts camp on June 27,
      their forms are due by May 30
    • If your child starts camp on July 11,
      their forms are due by June 13
    • If your child starts camp on August 1,
      their forms are due by July 4

    All required forms must be completed even if your child is a returning camper. We need the most current information to help provide the best camp experience for your child.


  • Recommended Immunizations – Updated for 2021

    To provide the healthiest environment for all campers and staff to live in, we recommend all campers be up to date on the following vaccinations:

      • DTaP
      • Measles, mumps, rubella
      • Polio
      • Chicken pox
      • Meningococcal meningitis

    The Health History form includes a section for you to record your child’s immunization history.  You can also just upload your child’s primary care physician’s immunization schedule here.

    Covid-19 Vaccinations
    We recommend having your child vaccinated prior to camp, if reasonably possible. If your child has been vaccinated, please provide us with their vaccination information on the Covid-19 Information Form.

  • Physical Health Examination

    We do NOT require a physical health examination from your doctor for your child to attend camp.

  • Health Check on Opening Day – Updated for 2021

    On opening day after pre-screening, each camper will meet with a member of our nursing staff to review the camper’s health history form, collect any prescription drugs, over the counter medications and vitamin supplements and ask about recent illnesses or travels. A lice check will also be performed.

    Any camper determined to have a contagious condition will not be allowed to attend camp.

  • Prescription Drugs, Over-The-Counter Medicines and Vitamin Supplements

    All prescriptions drugs, over-the-counter medicines and vitamin supplements are kept locked in the Health Center. On opening day, they must be given to the nurses in their original containers with directions for use. Prescriptions are given to campers as prescribed at the Health Center. Campers are responsible for going to the Health Center at the appropriate time to take their prescriptions, over the counter medicines or vitamin supplements. The nurses will make sure the camper gets their prescription medicine as prescribed.

  • Health Care at Camp – Updated for 2021

    Kingsley Pines employs full-time, licensed registered nurses and many of our staff members are also trained in first aid and CPR. We use local physicians for doctor visits and minor emergencies. Should a serious situation occur, we take campers to Bridgton Hospital in Bridgton or Maine Medical Center in Portland, both of which are 30-45 minutes away.

    We do not contact parents for minor concerns (cuts, bruises, headaches, etc.). Parents will be notified if their child spends more than 24 hours in the health center or is seen by a doctor.

    While we have a designated quarantine facility at camp, we are not structured to provide long-term quarantine care. Campers who have symptoms or tested positive for Covid-19 will be cared for in this facility by our medical staff until they are picked up by their parents.

  • Medical Expenses and Medical Insurance – Updated for 2021

    You or your medical insurance carrier is responsible for all of your child’s medical expenses. Doctor visits, x-rays, other medical treatment, and hospitalization will be billed directly to you or your medical insurance company. Medication will be charged to your account. You are responsible for any medical expenses Kingsley Pines incurs on behalf of your child.

    A charge of $50 per camper will be charged for all campers who received the 5th Day of Camp Covid-19 Test.


  • Traveling to Camp – Updated for 2021

    Travel to Camp: When traveling to camp by car, make as few stops as possible and wear a mask when entering a public space. If traveling by plane, a mask should be worn at all times. However you are traveling, social distancing in public spaces, mask wearing and hand washing is critical. You will have worked hard to keep your child Covid free in the ten days before camp. Is it critical to minimize the risks associated with travel to camp.

    Campers traveling to camp from another country, must follow the State of Maine rules for International Travelers. These include a 7 day quarantine. Click here to learn more.

  • Airport Transportation Service – Updated for 2021

    This year we will be NO transportation services for campers to and/or from camp to the airport.

  • Overnight Accommodations – Updated for 2021

    Effective May 1, Maine is shifting its COVID-19 travel policy to exempt all states from travel restrictions, unless otherwise determined by the Maine CDC. If one or more states see a spike in cases of highly contagious COVID-19 variants, Maine will apply its test or quarantine requirement to travelers to and from that state. For more information, visit Moving Maine Forward.  We recommend you visit their guide two weeks prior to traveling to Maine to understand if any of the requirements have changed.

    Demand for rental cars and overnight accommodations are expected to be high this summer, please make your reservations as soon as possible if you do need to make reservations when you drop off or pick up your child. You can find information on local accommodations here.

  • Traffic Information – Updated for 2021

    Traditionally, Maine is a popular summer vacation spot and our highways can become quite congested. We are unsure how much Covid-19 will impact traffic this summer but please take it into consideration as you are planning to drop off and pick up your child at camp. Information on road conditions is available by visiting the Maine Turnpike Authority or contacting them at 800-675-7453.

  • Directions to Camp

    We recommend that you do not use an online map service or a GPS device if it directs you to Route 302 west. This is a very busy local road. Click here for the best directions to camp.

Bedding, Clothing and Packing

  • Lost and Found – Updated for 2021

    PLEASE LABEL all your child’s belongings with their first and last name (not just initials) with a permanent marker or name labels. Make a list of what your child packed and give it to them to check off when they pack to go home.

    We DO NOT SHIP lost and found items home.

  • Responsibility for Clothing and Equipment

    Kingsley Pines is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal items; this includes clothes damaged by the laundry company.

  • Shipping Camper’s Belongings to Camp

    Camper’s belongings may be sent to camp by UPS or other delivery services. Please ship at least TEN business days before your child’s arrival at camp. Use a delivery service that provides a tracking number so the items can be traced, if they fail to arrive at camp. We encourage campers to fly home with their luggage. We also ship baggage home at the end of each session. Your account will be charged for the shipping and handling costs.

  • Packing Your Child’s Belongings

    We suggest you pack your child’s items in a large suitcase or duffel bag with or without wheels. The bunk beds have 12.25 inches under the bottom bed. Trunks or similar containers are also allowed but must be 12.25 inches or less in height so they can be stored underneath the bed.

  • Cash at Camp and Camp Store

    Your child will not need any cash at camp.

    We do not have a camp store. If your child needs a toiletry item, we will get it for them.

  • What NOT to Bring – Updated for 2021

    Camp is a chance to unplug from technology, therefore, cell phones are not permitted at camp. However, small radios and inexpensive personal music players are permitted. Their use is restricted to appropriate times and places.


    • Cell phones
    • Digital cameras
    • Smart watch
    • Bikes of any kind or skateboards
    • Any device that can play or record video, connect to the Internet or has any kind of video or electronic game
    • Televisions, DVD players and Video cameras
    • Computers, tablets, and eReaders (like Kindle)
    • Walkie-talkies
    • Cash
    • Food, candy or gum
    • Silly String
    • Water balloons
    • Aerosol cans
    • Lighters or matches
    • Expensive jewelry and/or watches
    • Firearms or other weapons
    • Knives and hatchets
    • Pets of any kind
    • Vehicles
    • Other valuables
  • What to Bring – Updated for 2021

    Go here for the Clothing Checklist.

  • Dress Code at Camp

    Campers need to dress safely and appropriately so they can participate in all activities and have the most fun without worrying about their appearance or ruining their clothes in an activity. Our dress code is minimal and in keeping with everyone feeling safe and enjoying the outdoors.

    • No clothing that is excessively tight, short or baggy.
    • No clothing which does not cover a person’s undergarments.
    • Tank tops and sleeveless shirts should fit appropriately and not have large, gaping arm holes that hang down exposing skin.
    • Swimwear for girls must be a one-piece swimsuit that provides complete coverage and is designed for active wear (no tankinis).
    • Swimwear for boys must be swim trunks designed for active wear (no shorts, cut-off pants, or Speedos).

    Campers need to understand our dress code ahead of time so they can pack appropriate clothing. They will be required to change if their clothing is deemed inappropriate.

  • Award T-shirts

    Campers from previous summers who have received their Kingsley Pines award T-shirt with Pathfinder, Guide or Sachem printed on the back should bring them to camp to wear at Council Fire. If your child needs a new one, they can be purchased from the office for $18.

  • Camp Clothing – Updated for 2021

    The Kingsley Pines Clothing Catalog and the Clothing and Equipment Checklist makes preparing for camp as easy as possible.

    The required clothing for Kingsley Pines Camp is minimal and mainly for special events.

    Required Clothing for campers attending:

    3 weeks or 5 weeks: 3 Kingsley Pines required Red T-shirts, 1 Kingsley Pines Sweatshirt (hooded or crew)

    2 weeks: 2 Kingsley Pines required Red T-shirts, 1 Kingsley Pines Sweatshirt (hooded or crew)

    Purchase the required clothing directly from Maine Camp Outfitters. Clothing is not available for sale at camp. Click here for the online Kingsley Pines Clothing Catalog.

    For families living in the United States, Maine Camp Outfitters will ship the clothing directly to you at your home. It is important to order early, so you will receive the clothing before your child leaves for camp. For families living in other countries, Maine Camp Outfitters will ship the clothing directly to camp, where your child will receive it when they arrive.

  • Laundry

    Laundry is done weekly after the first week of the session. The laundry service washes each camper’s clothing in a dedicated washer and dryer and then folds and puts the clothes back into your child’s laundry bag. Kingsley Pines will provide laundry bags on opening day if your child does not have one from a previous year.

  • Sheets for Bunk Beds

    If you are sending your sheets: we use cot-sized mattresses. A regular twin flat sheet will fit on these mattresses. A regular twin fitted sheet will not fit snugly on a cot-sized mattress. It is personal preference whether you use another flat sheet for the bottom sheet, or use a regular fitted sheet for the bottom sheet.

  • Bedding and Towel Rental – Updated for 2021

    Your child may bring their own bedding and towels or rent them from camp. On opening day, your child will receive 1 pillow,1 pillow case, 2 sheets, 2 blankets and 2 bath towels. On the following week(s), your child will receive a replacement pillowcase, 2 sheets and 2 towels set. Your child will be responsible for the return of all bedding and towels in good condition, or a replacement fee will be charged. If you want to rent bedding and towels, please select this option on the Additional Expenses Form. The cost to rent bedding and towels is $30 per week.


  • Dismissal from Camp

    Any camper who poses a danger to themselves or others will be asked to leave camp. Additionally, any camper who interferes with the enjoyment of camp for others will also be asked to leave. Physical violence is grounds for immediate dismissal. In these situations, no refund will be issued.

  • Camper Conduct

    Campers have a great deal of freedom and many opportunities to make their own decisions at Kingsley Pines. We only require that they meet the following three expectations:

    • Have Fun (get the most out of their camp experience)
    • Have Respect (for themselves, others, and their property)
    • Be Safe (in all they do at camp)

    In summary, we expect our campers to treat others and their property as they would like to be treated. We have wonderful children and staff at Kingsley Pines. By sharing these expectations with your child before arrival at camp, they will be assured of a great camp experience.

    We recognize that respect for all, regardless of differences, is a core part of our philosophy at camp.  We celebrate diversity in perspective, culture and personality.  Respectful communication about our differences is facilitated by all counselors and staff.

    Please share this with your child before they attend camp.

  • Illegal Drugs, Marijuana, Alcohol, Tobacco, Electronic Cigarettes and Fireworks

    Camper use of illegal drugs, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarettes and/or fireworks of any kind is strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate dismissal without a refund. This includes the use of matches or lighters in a dangerous manner.

Arrival & Activities

  • Activity Restrictions and Limitations

    Campers are given the opportunity to choose their own activities. There are some restrictions on participation in certain activities. There is a limit on the number of campers we can accommodate in each activity each week. While we want campers to participate in their favorite activities, we cannot guarantee that your child will be able to participate in a specific activity.

    Each camper’s swimming ability will be evaluated on the opening day of a session. To participate in canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, wakeboarding, waterskiing, and windsurfing, a camper must complete or test out of Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Level 3. Campers are required to take swimming lessons until they complete or test out of Red Cross Learn-to-Swim Level 4. The specific requirements for Levels 3 and 4 are listed here.

    A camper must be 10 years old or older to participate in rock climbing and the high ropes course and 12 years old or older to participate in stained glass.

  • Activity Sign Up – Updated for 2021

    One of the hallmarks of Kingsley Pines is campers’ ability to choose their own activities. When implementing proper COVID-19 precautions into our program for this summer, we aimed to maintain as much of that freedom of choice as possible. The activity sign up process may be different from prior years to accommodate how campers will be moving about camp together in their Neighborhood, but campers will still have the ability to choose their activities within their Neighborhood options.

    We will explain the sign up procedures to campers when they get here, we just need you to continue to encourage them to try new activities when possible!


    • AQUATIC: Canoeing, Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Sailing, Swimming, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Windsurfing
    • SPORTS: Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Flag Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Yoga
    • ARTS: Ceramics, Dance, Fiber Arts, Jewelry Making, Photography, Stained Glass, Theater, Ukulele, Visual Art, Woodworking
    • ADVENTURE: High Ropes, Low Ropes, Rock Climbing
    • ENVIRONMENTAL: Nature, Outdoor Living Skills
  • Opening Day – Updated for 2021

    In order to meet safety guidelines and get campers settled in at camp, we are using the following opening day procedures. We understand that saying goodbye to your child in your vehicle can be difficult and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    We ask that you drop off your child at camp during the specified time for their grade in fall 2021. If you have more than one child attending camp, you may drop them all off at your youngest child’s arrival time.

    Arrival Times on Sunday:

    3rd, 4th, 5th& 6th Graders in the fall 2021:        10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
    7th & 8th Graders in the fall 2021:                      11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
    9th, 10th & 11th Graders in the fall 2021:            1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
    Teen Leadership Program:                                   10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

    Lunch will be provided to all campers on opening day.

    Drop Off Procedure:

    To ensure the highest level of safety for our staff and campers we ask that no one other than campers get out of their car during the drop-off process.

    There are four stops in the drop-off process. Upon pulling into camp you will be in a line of cars along the camp road. Traffic directors will signal you to stop at three checkpoints along the way before you’re able to loop around and exit. For our staff’s safety, it would be most helpful for you to put your vehicle in park as you stop at these checkpoints.

    Stop 1 – Initial Greeting and Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test

    A staff member will approach the car to greet you. They will ask your child to get out of the car for a brief moment while they administer a Covid-19 Antigen rapid test. Results from this test will be available in 15 minutes. The antigen test is not required for fully vaccinated campers.

    Stop 2 – Pre-Camp Health Screening Form and Pre-Camp Covid-19 PCR Test Results

    Another staff member will approach the car to greet you. They will collect and review Pre-Camp Health Screening Form, pre-camp COVID-19 PCR test results, and will take your child’s temperature. They will ask your child to get out of the car for a brief moment while they take their temperature.

    Stop 3 – Results Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test

    A staff member will update you on your child’s Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test results.

    If your child’s Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test is negative, you can proceed to Stop 4 to drop off your child and their belongings.

    If your child’s Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test results are positive, they will not be able to enter camp on opening day. The medical staff will work with you and your family to determine the next available steps for your child.

    Stop 4 – Luggage & Child Drop Off

    Please have your child’s luggage stored separately in the trunk or hatch of your vehicle. Our staff will unload your child’s luggage and have it delivered to their cabin.

    • It’s important to have everything your child wants to have at camp unloaded at this point.
    • Please pack all prescriptions drugs, over-the-counter medicines, and vitamin supplements in their original containers and in a plastic bag that is kept separate from your child’s luggage. Your child will turn these into our nurses upon checking in.

    As soon as your child steps out of your vehicle, our Boys and Girls Campus Heads will be waiting to meet them. Here your child will be introduced to their counselor. We will let you know which cabin your child is in.

    Your child’s counselor will then take them to our check-in process, where they will meet with one of our nurses, and then on to their cabin where luggage and cabin mates will be waiting! After moving into their cabin, they will participate in opening day activities by cabin, take a tour of camp, get a swim evaluation and start enjoying being at camp!

    Following drop-off you will be able to loop around and exit camp via the same road you entered on.

Trips - Day and Wilderness

  • Adventure Day – Updated for 2021

    This summer there will be no Adventure Day where campers leave camp to go to the ocean beach, ocean sailing on a schooner or whitewater rafting.

  • Wilderness Day and Overnight Trips – Updated for 2021

    This summer there will be no out-of-camp trips that include overnight camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, etc.


  • Food, Candy, and Gum

    Food is not allowed in the camper cabins. Any food items, candy, or gum will be confiscated and not returned at the end of camp.

    If you visit your child while at camp, please do not purchase food items, candy or gum for them to take back to their cabin.
  • Packages – Updated for 2021

    Again this summer to reduce the number of deliveries and handling of items, parents CANNOT send packages to their campers. We appreciate how important care packages are and hope you understand why we needed to make this change.

    If your child has a birthday while they are at camp, we will make an exception and you can send them a package that does not include any food or candy.

  • Email – Updated for 2021

    Emails are printed once a day at 10:00 a.m. EST and distributed after lunch. Campers cannot send email. Each sender (parent, sibling, relative, friend) may send one email a day per child. To send an email to your child, go to your account. Near the bottom of your online account, click on Email under the Online Community and follow the instructions.

    If a parent does not have their own login account, please contact the office at info@kingsleypines.com to tell us their email address and we will set it up for them. Please do not set parents up as guests to email their child. If they are set up as a guest account, they do not receive any email updates while their child is in camp or links to photos.

    You may also create guest accounts for relatives or friends who wish to send one email per day to your child. To do this, go to the Guest Account link on your account and complete the required information.

  • Faxes

    Parents may send faxes to their children if needed, limited to one per day. The fax number is 207-517-6220. Please put the child’s name on the fax.

  • Mail

    Sending Mail TO Camp

    Letters from home are the most welcomed form of communication that a camper can get and are strongly encouraged. You may even send a letter before your child leaves home so they can get mail at the beginning of camp! Please write cheerful, informative letters that will reinforce the positive experience your child is having.

    Mail should be addressed to your child as follows:

    Camper’s Name, Cabin Name (if you know it)
    Kingsley Pines
    51 Coughlan Cove Road
    Raymond, ME 04071

    Campers sending mail FROM Camp

    Each camper will be encouraged to write at least one postcard home. It is helpful if you can send pre-addressed stamped envelopes with your camper for them to write to you! If your child does not have stationary, envelopes, or postage stamps, we will provide them at no charge.

    For international campers, we can scan their letters and send them home as an email attachment, if a camper prefers. They will be limited to one scan per day.
  • Photos

    We will be posting new photos every Saturday. You will receive an email on Saturday with an update on what is going on at camp and a link to the photos. The photos will be a representation of the week’s activities. You can order any prints, gift items or high-resolution files directly from SmugMug.

  • Phone Calls

    Telephone calls are a challenging issue. We recognize, that as loving and caring parents, you miss your children, but telephone calls are counter-productive to the camp experience. One of the major benefits of camp attendance is for your child to gain independence. This can only happen when there is some separation between parent and child. The ability to maintain constant contact with your child will inhibit this. We cannot accept phone calls for campers. If any family needs to contact camp because of a personal emergency, we can be reached 24-hours a day, 7-days a week at 207-894-9030.

  • Visiting – Updated for 2021

    We will not be able to accept any visitors at camp this summer.

    Parents of multi session campers will not be able to visit with their parents between sessions.


End of Camp

  • Refunds

    A refund by check or credit card will be issued, after the 2022 early registration period ends, for campers who have not registered and have a credit balance over $10. Refunds are made only in US dollars. Any credit balances from your 2021 account will be applied to your 2022 account for campers who register early for 2022.

  • Gratuities – Updated for 2021

    All of our staff have been selected based upon their genuine interest in working with children. Therefore, parents are not expected to tip our staff for performance.

    If you would still like to pay a gratuity, we have established a staff gratuity pool. Please do not tip individual staff members. Your child’s successful experience at camp is the result of all staff working as a team.  The gratuity pool is then distributed to all staff at the end of the session.

    This year, since parents won’t be able to exit their cars on closing day, we have provided an alternate method for you to contribute to the staff gratuity pool. Login to your online account and select your child’s Additional Expenses Form, and select how much you would like to contribute to the gratuity pool. We will then charge your credit card on file. If you have any questions, you can click here to contact the office.

  • Closing Activities and Pick Up Day – Updated for 2021

    Closing Activities

    Unfortunately, this summer we will NOT be able to host closing activities on Friday that parents and family typically join us for at camp. Campers will still receive any awards they have earned at a final council fire.

    Pick Up Times on Saturday:

    All Campers           9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

    Session 1 closes on July 10
    Session 2 closes on July 31
    Session 3 closes on August 14
    Session 1 & 2 closes on July 31
    Session 2 & 3 closes on August 14
    Teen Leadership Program closes on July 31

    Pick up Procedures

    Once you pull into camp, you’ll be directed to a pick-up area where your child and their luggage will be waiting. We ask that you remain in your car. Once your vehicle is in park and the trunk or hatch is opened our staff will load your child’s luggage into the car, your child will get in. We will give you any medications they had at camp, you will sign them out and then you will be able to loop around and exit on the road you entered on.

Special Programs

  • Older Camper Outings – Updated for 2021

    Campers entering 9th, 10th or 11th grade in the fall are considered older campers at Kingsley Pines. In the past, the Older Campers have left camp for various outings such as bowling, miniature golf, etc.

    This summer we will not have any trips out of camp for Older Campers. We understand the value of these outings for this community of campers and have organized older camper activities that can occur at camp.

  • Teen Leadership Program – Updated for 2021

    This Parent Handbook and Forms also applies to the Teen Leadership Program, except Teen Leaders generally don’t participate in the regular camp program. They will be considered their own Neighborhood for Covid-19 purposes. However, they will be involved in some camp activities as a Neighborhood.

    The Teen Leaders will be taking a week-long team building trip to Acadia National Park. The campers and staff will be tent camping on this trip and activities may include hiking, swimming, community service, etc. The regular Camp Clothing & Equipment List is the same for the Teen Leadership Program. They will also need the following items for their out-of-camp trip:

    • Sleeping bag
    • Waterproof Raincoat – not a poncho
    • Suitable shoes for hiking – hiking boots (well broken in) or sturdy sneakers (not Vans or Converse brand sneakers)
    • Pair of old sneakers that can and will get wet and muddy
    • Pair of old jeans that can and will get wet and muddy
    • Wool or synthetic winter hat
    • Fleece jacket or pullover
    • Fleece pants or synthetic fabric pajama pants
    • Backpack with sturdy padded straps for day hikes. School backpacks work great. Shoulder bags or drawstring gym bags do not work.
    • 1 Medium sized duffel for packing 1 weeks worth of clothing for the camping trip to Acadia. (If the camper is international, we will provide a bag for them)
    • 2 one liter water bottles