Health & Safety

The health and safety of our campers is our top priority at all times. Our camp staff works hard to create a fun and safe environment for campers. Whether it’s taking precautions in our daily activities, or through our medical facilities, we make sure that parents and families can feel confident when dropping their kids off at camp.

Health Center

Kingsley Pines’ Health Center is a safe place for campers. Our Health Center is staffed 24 hours a day by one of our registered nurses. At our medical facility, campers are able to receive prescribed medications and routine medical care from our nurses.

In addition to registered nurses, we have Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) on our staff in order to provide the best, most timely care for our campers. We make sure to contact the parents any time a camper is seen by a doctor or stays the night at our Health Center. Lastly, we have a local doctor that is available for consultation if needed and can provide additional treatment. The local hospital is located in Bridgton less than thirty minutes away and an ambulance only two miles away from camp.

American Camp Association Accreditation

ACA accreditation verifies that Kingsley Pines complies with more then 300 health, safety, and quality standards that are recognized by courts of law and government regulators. These standards touch on every facet of camp from staff qualifications, emergency management training, food service, health care, transportation and more. With this accreditation, parents and families can be reassured that by choosing Kingsley Pines, their children are at a camp committed to the safety of their campers.

In addition Kingsley Pines is a member of Maine Summer Camps, an organization that brings the leaders of Maine camps together for continuing education and discussion of the latest issues in camping. Our staff also attend conferences and education events to stay up to date on issues effecting children and the camp world.

Camper Supervision

Campers have a significant amount of independence at camp, but our well trained and highly selective staff also closely supervises them. A staff member always sits with campers at meals and stays in the cabin at night. At no time are campers left alone. During free times we strategically assign staff members to cover areas where the campers congregate. All our staff are trained in emergency procedures, and we go over them with all of camp on the first day. We do a fire drill with everyone at least once a summer.


We have more than 20 lifeguards working at camp during the summer, all trained in first aid, CPR and lifesaving. Only lifeguards can work on waterfront activities. Campers are required to wear lifejackets for every waterfront activity except for swimming. We have significant pre-camp and ongoing training for our lifeguards, including drills and skill checkoffs. During swimming instruction, we have lifeguards both in the water and monitoring from the dock. Open swim in our H dock is extremely popular and a great time for kids to go swimming. Campers must check in and out of the water with our Waterfront Director, and we have five lifeguards at a time scanning and supervising the swim area.


Our climbing tower, high ropes, and low ropes area and all related equipment are inspected each year by an outside company. Our staff have significant training in rescue procedures and maintaining the physical and emotional safety of the campers as they participate in these activities. Ropes, harnesses, helmets, and all adventure gear are checked and logged daily before each use. Staff must be checked off by our Adventure Director on belaying skills before working these activities.


In 2020, we had a safe and successful summer at Kingsley Pines. Go here to learn more about the precautions we took and the procedures we followed.