It’s always nice to hear a compliment!

See what parents have to say about Kingsley Pines and their child’s positive experience. Please contact our office if you would like to talk with a parent whose child attended Kingsley Pines.

To know Kingsley Pines, is to love Kingsley Pines. Our boys have been attending camp at “KP” for many years now and absolutely love it. I was the “Nervous Nellie” mom who couldn’t bear the thought of sending a child of mine to camp, until I met the owners, the Director and the staff and realized that sending your children to camp is giving them a gift of new friendships, new found independence, and opportunities for new experiences — all in a picturesque, non-competitive, safe and caring environment. It was the best decision we ever made and one for which our children continually thank us (yes, they really do!) So, if you are thinking about a camp experience for your child, take a look at Kingsley Pines

Lora Carr, parent of two, eight-year campers

After five summers, KP is so dear to our family. Andrew has grown so much and tried so many things that he would never try at home. The bond that he feels with his camp friends is like no other that he has. He always comes home from camp with more confidence and feeling more free to “be himself.”

The staff genuinely cares for the kids and it is evident. As someone who is very familiar with many sleepaway camps, I have never seen a camp that has such a mature staff. All camps have some mature staff members, but KP has ONLY mature staff members. It makes a difference. These are not just teenagers who cycled through camp and became counselors just so they could come back to be with their friends. These are young adults who have CHOSEN to work with kids — to impact them and be impacted by them. And they each bring unique experiences and backgrounds which they generously share with the kids.

Erika Halloran, parent of a five-year camper

Both of my children learned valuable leadership skills, enhanced their abilities to interact and share and grow with others, and they discovered so many new facets of their true selves.

Your staff is so nurturing and encouraging, and they inspire each child to reach their true potential, and they are incredible leaders and positive role models who cherish the unique qualities of each child.

Kingsley Pines is truly a magical place where kids grow and thrive, and learn to discover and nurture their unique passions and talents.

Stephanie Taylor Kalil, parent of two, three-year campers    

It was amazing to see that (my daughter) can survive without her cell phone! She was able to experience and try things that I have not been able to provide. I’m grateful for that.

(The staff is) Extremely friendly! For an over protective parent like myself, I’ve never felt so comfortable leaving my daughter anywhere. I knew she was in good hands.

Brenda Rodriguez, parent of a one-year camper

Our child came back more confident and filled with excitement. We were surprised to hear about her trying new things. She learned some new skills, and made some great friends.

Carolyn Corbe, parent of a three-year camper 

They unplug, are independent and meet new people and make new friends! My kids always love the counselors and this year was no difference.
Carrie Delafield, parent of two, seven-year campers  

She has grown more independent and responsible. She has also made new friends. The staff are great. They are engaged with the campers and encourage them to try new things.

Catherine Harrison, parent of a seven-year camper

The socialization that occurs at a sleepover camp goes far in instilling a sense of understanding and empathy of others as well as builds skills in conflict resolution. A necessary and overlooked skill that few kids of this generation have the opportunity or desire to explore. I compare the experience to a college freshman living in dorms. If that piece is a fail – so is the education piece.

Very impressed with the staff. Upon pickup, I was able to briefly speak with each of them and was grateful they were a part of my daughters first camp experience.

Patti Raji, parent of a two-year camper


Camp teaches my child how to be independent while supporting others, at the same time feeling free to be themselves. We, our entire family, love the staff at KP and how they seem to really love what they do.

Lisa True, parent of a six-year camper

Sebastian always reports feeling included and valued at camp. His confidence improves each year. I truly cannot say enough about KP. I have to take on an extra job in the summer to help pay for it and I feel like I am giving him a lifelong gift. Sebastian says that camp feels like a reprieve from peer pressure and putting on airs. He says he can relax there in a way he can’t anywhere else. This is all due to staff and the culture of acceptance they create!

Kara Gelinas, parent of a three-year camper 

I saw more of her personality emerge and her develop personal relationships in the classic sense of interacting and sharing. (The Staff) are all energetic, positive and come from a place of ‘yes.’

Christina Whitaker, parent of a two-year camper

Kate always returns from camp so healthy, happy and relaxed. It is so nice to see. She goes to camp stressed and harried from the long school year, but camp is like the best medicine. (The Staff) all seem amazing.

Cynthia Brisky, parent of a seven-year camper