Why You Should Choose Kingsley Pines

What sets us apart here at Kingsley Pines is the sense of community and family our camping experience brings. It is a feeling that’s hard to describe, but you’ll know it when you see it. From the moment you set foot on our campus, you hear and see the enthusiasm and love for camp all around you. The Kingsley Pines experience is like no other, from our unique activities to fun-loving staff, we’ve got it all.

If you have specific questions regarding the experience at camp and would like to speak with one of our staff members, please feel free to contact us.

Build Independence and Self-Esteem

By attending Kingsley Pines, campers develop skills in our supportive atmosphere that can be difficult to learn elsewhere. There are
numerous opportunities to make independent choices, so campers gain confidence in their decision-making skills. Our campers have the ability to expand their horizons and try new activities in a safe and encouraging environment. They build real self-esteem by facing
challenges and succeeding.

Counselors Who Really Care

Watch the video: What makes our staff special

Every summer camp likes to say they have the best staff, but we really believe we do. From their experience level to their training and, most of all, their ability to interact with kids, our amazing counselors are not just here to run programs – their entire role at camp is about connecting with the kids in their care. At Kingsley Pines, our counselors really shine!

Being a camp counselor at Kinglsey Pines is a unique and wonderful experience. We set goals for our counselors to help them support and inspire campers. While there are five overall goals, an important one is “No camper will fall through the cracks. Each child is attended to while at camp.”

A Culture of Safety

Watch the video: Keeping our campers safe

We know that it can be daunting to put the safety of your child into someone else’s hands and to find the safest possible summer camp experience –  while ensuring your child will still have fun! At Kingsley Pines, we take safety very seriously. It is not just a word to us – we exceed all national standards and our entire staff is carefully trained to protect your child. Like you, we value safety above all else.

An Unplugged Environment

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We live in a digital age. In spite of the wonders of technology, it will never replace the critical skills gained through personal human interaction. Camp remains one of the few places where children are not distracted by electronics.

Kingsley Pines is an “unplugged” environment. Our campers interact with each other in real time instead of by text. By engaging with other children and counselors in person, campers build communication and social skills that will prove invaluable in college and as an adult.

An Authentic Experience

Watch the video: A real camp experience

Our campers often talk about having “camp sickness” when they’re not here – as in reverse home-sickness! And we can certainly understand why. We have even created our own camp-sick book for our campers to look at when they miss camp. Campers can be themselves and be accepted for who they are. They have the freedom to try new activities without fear of failure, in our supportive and accepting community. The authentic experience that we provide is what helps parents and families choose Kingsley Pines as the camp of their choice.