What is the Kingsley Pines Experience?

The Kingsley Pines Experience is so much more than just the nuts and bolts of what kids experience on a day-to-day basis. Even the location of the camp adds to the true outdoor experience, surrounded by trees and a body of water. Our camp is where campers feel encouraged to be themselves, make friends, and build different skills. There are many variables that have helped us create this environment, including our friendship-building activities and amazing staff. The director, owners, and founders of Kingsley Pines are passionate and dedicated to creating a safe and fun environment for campers.

Sure, there are fantastic and varied activities, great friendship-building opportunities, and tons of fun to be had – but more importantly, every day is its own adventure filled with valuable experiences, such as:


At Kingsley Pines, we encourage and provide multiple opportunities for creativity every day. Creativity helps cognitive growth in multiple ways – but it’s also just plain fun! Daily creative opportunities are integrated into our camp schedule and even include things like special days, evening activities, campfire skits, cabin unity and so much more.

Campers and Staff from Around the Country and the World

In every session at Camp, we welcome many campers and staff from across the country and around the world! Our diverse demographics allow for campers to interact with kids their age from across the world, exposing them to cultures that extend far beyond their own. Your child will grow through exposure to other cultures and languages on a daily basis.

Social & Group Living Skills

Cabin-life isn’t just a great way to build friendships – for many of our campers it is the first experience living away from home. Many kids have never had to share their bedroom or bathroom. Learning to live with others means learning to cooperate, compromise, and share with others.

Decision Making Opportunities

Kingsley Pines is full of discovery and adventure. Our non-regimented sessions help foster a level of independence, as all campers have the opportunity to choose their own activities. Campers are able to explore a wide range of interests through our independently structured programming. In spite of the watchful eyes of the counselors, our campers have decision-making opportunities every day, including activities, 5th period, meals, and free time.

Friendship Skills

Friendships formed at Camp can last a lifetime. Campers learn to make friends in their cabins, in daily activities, the dining hall, or camp-wide programming. One of the top benefits of Camp is learning how to develop supportive and long-term relationships.

Activity Skills

We offer a range of activities and opportunities for campers to test their own limits and expand their comfort zone, all while under the protective eyes of camp staff. These opportunities can range from physical and outdoor activities, to social ones, such as evening dances. Campers get daily chances to try new things participate in activities that they can’t do at home or elsewhere.

Be Oneself

We hear from many kids that Camp is where they “come alive” and truly get to be themselves – built up by the supportive and non-judgmental community. On a daily basis, campers get to be themselves, unlike at school were they maybe pigeonholed as a certain type of person.

Staff who are Role Models

We talk a lot about our amazing staff – but there is one particularly important reason that they need to be amazing – they are a daily role model for the campers in their care! We handpick and thoroughly train each and every counselor that comes into contact with your child as we know that every interaction can and will leave a lasting impact on a camper.

If you are still unsure about the Kingsley Pines experience, you can watch what sets us apart. If you have any additional questions, check out our FAQ page for common questions. If you would prefer to speak with someone from Kingsley Pines or would just like more information, feel free to contact us.