Meet Our Staff

Our staff in one word: AMAZING!

The staff here at Kingsley Pines are caring, attentive role models, who are devoted to providing campers with the support they need to have a positive and life-changing camp experience. They understand what campers need to have a great time at camp, as many of the camp staff are previous campers themselves!

Watch the video: Staff in their own words.

Camp Staff Selection

In order to find the absolute best staff to interact with your children, we:

  • Conduct a highly selective hiring process and thorough training program.
  • Seek candidates that have prior experience working with children and that are very knowledgeable in the activities they will instruct.
  • Ensure that staff members, both year-round and seasonal, are subject to and successfully pass a background check.
  • Complete two reference checks on each staff member. Nearly all of our reference checks are over the phone and thus receive more thoughtful and meaningful responses to better assess an applicant’s suitability.

What Makes Our Staff Different

We believe that our staff at Kingsley Pines is special and we work hard help our staff shine. We insist on the following to ensure the very best:

  • The average age of our staff is 21. No Junior Counselors or Counselors-in-Training (CITs)! To be eligible to work at camp, staff must have completed at least one year of college.
  • We meet and exceed all staff certifications required by the American Camping Association, including health and safety standards.
  • Staff attend a 7-day orientation before camp begins learning a large variety of skills, including: how to identify/manage homesickness, mediate conflicts, prevent and address bullying, help campers make friends and improve their social skills, handle emergency situations and sensitive issues, prevent child abuse, and much more.
  • We have two Campus Heads, one for girls and one for boys. Their sole duty is to focus on the emotional well-being of campers and staff.
  • Campus Heads work with and support counselors to ensure that every camper is attended to while at camp.
  • Round-table Morning Meetings help staff address and effectively resolve camper issues together as a community.

Staff Goals

We maintain a strong, positive staff culture focused on achieving our five goals and this truly sets our staff apart. We developed these goals to help staff understand that their job is to enable their campers to grow and develop. We believe by striving to meet these goals, we can to create a meaningful experience for both campers and staff. The five goals are:

  • Camp is a life-changing experience, where campers learn things about themselves they didn’t know when they arrived – Independence, Responsibility, Group Living Skills, New Activity Skills, Decision Making Skills.
  • No camper will “fall through the cracks.” Each child is attended to while at camp.
  • Counselors have a positive impact on each camper, such that in 20 years each camper will remember his/her counselor’s name and experience at camp.
  • Counselors are members of a supportive community and they rely on each other.
  • Each counselor realizes the effect their actions and behaviors have on the campers and that is reflected in the choices that they make.

We believe that being a camp counselor at camp means truly making a difference in the lives of our campers. For any additional questions regarding our staff and their qualifications, we encourage you to contact us. If you are interested in a camp counselor job at Kingsley Pines, learn what it means to join our staff.