Camp Information for 9th, 10th, & 11th Grade Teens

Being an Older Camper at Kingsley Pines means getting to partake in different scheduling and activity options than some of the younger campers. At Kingsley Pines, we consider Older Campers to be any teens entering 9th grade through 11th grade. Older campers have additional downtime to socialize with other campers and even get to participate in activities outside of camp!

What are the benefits of being an Older Camper?

On special days and for some evening programs, we assign different, more age-appropriate camp activities for the Older Campers. They also have an Older Camper option that they can choose for 5th Period. This daily camp schedule option allows them to hang out in their cabin area and have some extra downtime to socialize with other Older Campers, read, take a nap, or shower.

What are Older Camper Outings?

Once a week, Older Campers participate in a fun, social activity outside of camp. They like having less structured time to hang out with each other and enjoy activities, such as:

    • Bowling
    • Sea Dogs Baseball Game
    • Yarmouth Clam Festival
    • Mini-Golfing
    • And More!

Why Kingsley Pines?

Kingsley Pines provides a unique and authentic camp experience whether you’re an older or younger camper. We make sure all campers can find fun and new activities to participate in while in a safe and encouraging environment. For more information on why you should choose Kingsley Pines, please feel free to contact us.