Personnel Policy for Seasonal Staff 2023


This Personnel Policy is intended to apprise staff members of their privileges and obligations as employees of Kingsley Pines Camp. Such privileges and obligations may change from time to time. Every effort will be made to notify staff members of impending changes to this policy.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Kingsley Pines is an equal employment opportunity business. No applicant shall be denied employment because of his or her race, religion, creed, color, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, veteran status or national origin.

Rights and Dignity

We recognize that respect for all, regardless of differences, is a core part of our philosophy at camp.  We celebrate diversity in perspective, culture and personality.  Respectful communication about our differences is facilitated by all counselors and staff.

Health History

Seasonal employees, who do not live in the local area, are required to submit a current health history form. Employees must have their completed forms submitted by the first day of Staff Orientation.

Staff Medical Coverage

Kingsley Pines Camp staff members and their families living on the Kingsley Pines property enjoy the privilege of routine medical care through the camp Health Center at no cost. Such medical care is limited to the scope of care the Health Center is equipped to provide and is subject to the standing orders provided to the nurses by a licensed physician. Should care be required by staff members or resident family members which exceeds what the nurses provide at the Health Center, all costs of such additional care remain the full responsibility of the individual staff member or his/her insurance company.

Kingsley Pines does not provide health insurance for seasonal employees.

All medications must be kept in the Health Center. The nurses may grant exemptions, in specific cases.

Payroll, Travel Allowances and Training Allowances

A payroll form and an I-9 form must be completed and returned before receiving all or part of your salary. Salary is paid weekly by check. Direct deposit may also be available.

If you are receiving a training allowance, it will be issued during the first three weeks of the regular camp season. To receive the allowance you must submit a receipt for the total cost of the course. The allowance issued will not exceed the total cost of the course.

If you are receiving a travel allowance, it will be issued in two installments. The first half will be issued during the first three weeks of the regular camp season. The second half will be issued on the staff member’s day of departure. To receive the second portion of the travel allowance, an employee must remain employed by Kingsley Pines Camp through the departure date and time specified in his/her employment agreement.


Employees are not allowed to accept for their personal benefit or to solicit tips or gifts of any value. To the extent that unsolicited tips are offered by parents, they may be accepted, provided that all tips are given to the Director, to be combined and distributed to all counselors and other staff members at the Director’s discretion.


Kingsley Pines reserves the right to dismiss an employee at any time, for any legally permitted reason. There is no severance, and all dismissal decisions are final.


Employees are expected to finish the camp season. Special arrangements may be made in the case of a family emergency, etc. Resignation from employment prior to completion of the camp season may result in forfeiture of unpaid salary and all benefits.

Personal and Emergency Leave

Leave without pay, not exceeding two days, may be granted for urgent, personal business or emergency, subject to the approval of the Director.

Staff Friends and Visitors

Staff members are not encouraged to have visitors and friends at the camp. Exceptions can be made by the Director and must be arranged prior to the visit. All visitors must sign-in at the office upon arrival, and are expected to abide by the policies, guidelines, and rules of the camp. Visitors are not allowed to stay at camp overnight.


Time-off will be granted as follows:

  • Counselors – Our goal is to provide one 24-hour period and at least two evenings per week during the seven-week regular camp season. Additional time-off may be granted if the program allows. Time-off during Staff Orientation and Family Camp will depend on program needs, and will not be as stated above.
  • Program and Administrative Staff – Our goal is to provide one 24-hour period and at least one evening per week during the seven-week regular camp season. Any additional time-off shall be arranged with the Director, at his discretion, if the program permits.
  • Maintenance Staff – Two days off per week. Daily work schedule to be determined by the Maintenance Director
  • Office Staff – At least one day per week except during Staff Orientation. Daily work schedule to be determined by the Assistant Director.
  • Nurses – one day per week except during Staff Orientation. Daily work schedule to be determined by the Nurses and approved by the Director.
  • Nursing Assistants – one day per week except during Staff Orientation. Daily work schedule to be determined by the Nurses.
  • Kitchen Staff – At least one 24-hour period per week. Daily work schedule to be determined by the Food Service Director.

Time-off may not be accumulated. Any unused time-off will be forfeited.

Leaving Camp

Staff members may not leave camp without the consent and knowledge of the Director or his representative, except during designated evenings and days off.

Under extreme circumstances Kingsley Pines reserves the right to restrict travel off of camp property to protect the safety of campers and staff as well as to ensure the viability of the camp program.



Alcohol and Drug Use

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on Kingsley Pines Camp property during Pre-Camp Work Crew and while children’s camp is in session.* Marijuana and Illegal drugs are prohibited on Kingsley Pines Camp property at all times. Any person possessing alcoholic beverages, marijuana or illegal drugs on camp property, or returning to camp under the influence of alcoholic beverages, marijuana or illegal drugs, is subject to immediate dismissal.

The following are also prohibited and grounds for dismissal:

  • Purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverages, marijuana or illegal drugs while on an out-of-camp trip.
  • Purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverages, marijuana or illegal drugs while wearing any clothing with the Kingsley Pines name or logo on it.
  • Consuming alcoholic beverages, marijuana or illegal drugs and then riding in or driving a Kingsley Pines vehicle.
  • Purchasing alcoholic beverages or marijuana for underage staff members.
  • Consumption of alcohol or marijuana by under-age staff members.
  • Any action involving drugs or alcohol that represents a violation of Maine State or Federal law.

*The interior spaces of non-public conference facilities, under the direct and actual supervision of camp owners, founders or their designees, which are used for marketing purposes, including entertaining parents and prospective conference facility clients, are exempt.

Smoking, Tobacco Products and Other Products That Contain Nicotine

All staff members must be non-smokers, or agree to refrain from smoking during the camp season. Smoking is not permitted on camp property, or at any camp activity including out-of-camp trips. In addition, the use of smokeless tobacco products (such as snuff and chewing tobacco) electronic cigarettes, or vaping is not permitted on camp property or at any camp activity, including out-of-camp trips.

Displays of Affection

Staff relationships are not to interfere with your responsibilities at camp. It is expected that discretion will be used in staff personal relationships. Inappropriate displays of affection are prohibited in the presence of campers or while in the direct employment of the camp. Counselors should not discuss staff relationships with or in front of campers.

Cell Phone Use

Staff members are not permitted to have their cell phones with them while on-duty and phones may only be used during designated time-off.

Dress Code

Dress at camp is casual. It is expected that clothing worn will represent a professional and positive role model for children. At the sole discretion of the Director, dress, jewelry, cosmetics or other accessories whose outward appearance is deemed incompatible with Kingsley Pines Camp’s philosophy or community image shall not be permitted.


Cabin staff members are not permitted to have pets. Rare exceptions may be made for non-cabin staff at the sole discretion of the Director. Written evidence of the pet’s current rabies vaccinations must be given to the Director.

Child Abuse

Physically, emotionally, or sexually abusing a camper is strictly forbidden and grounds for immediate dismissal. Romantic relationships between staff and campers, including Teen Leadership Program participants, are strictly forbidden and will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Personal Belongings

Kingsley Pines is not responsible for employees’ personal belongings at camp, in transit, if lost, or if damaged during activities, by fire, theft, laundry, etc.

Sexual Harassment

There shall be no sexual harassment or physical intimidation at Kingsley Pines Camp. All staff members are to treat each other with kindness and respect. Inappropriate touching, off color jokes, and “sexual put-downs” are all unacceptable behavior. As an offense may be perceived by the receiver and not necessarily intended by the initiator, we encourage staff members to clearly and verbally respond when they find someone’s conduct insulting, off color, or inappropriate. Any form of harassment, whether it is sexual, racial, or otherwise, shall be reported to the Director.


Weapons, including firearms, are not permitted on Kingsley Pines Camp property. Any person possessing weapons, including firearms, is subject to immediate dismissal. Archery and fencing equipment is allowed, provided that it is given to the appropriate instructor upon arrival at camp, and stored in the respective storage areas for those activities.


Staff members are permitted to have their own vehicles at camp. They are required to follow all camp traffic rules while on camp property, and to park only in designated parking areas. No camper shall ride in a staff vehicle, even while on camp property, without permission of the Director.

Behavior in Public

Any staff member who engages in public behavior that could negatively impact the public perception of Kingsley Pines is subject to immediate dismissal.

Behavior During the Off-Season

Kingsley Pines Camp has no control over or responsibility for seasonal staff behavior during the off-season. However, Kingsley Pines encourages staff to act in a manner which reflects positively on staff and on Kingsley Pines Camp. Off-season behavior may impact future employment opportunities. Staff is also encouraged to be mindful and appropriate in their communications with campers and other staff during the off-season.

Performance Review

During seasonal staff orientation, expectations for seasonal staff are clearly established concerning behavior, performance, and responsibility. The performance review process, as needed, may consist of one or more informal meetings with the employee’s direct supervisor and/or the employee. Use of the review process is solely at the discretion of the Director. All seasonal employees are employees at will, and may be dismissed at any time, for any legally permitted reason.