Financial Aid

Each year we provide financial aid to families for whom attending Kingsley Pines would otherwise not be possible. This helps us foster diversity as well as provide the opportunity of camp, and get more kids enjoying all the fun Kingsley Pines has to offer.

We only provide aid for a single session of camp. The amount of aid provided is between $500.00 and $2450.00 for a three week session and between $630.00 and $1830.00 for a two week session.

There is a limited amount of aid available and once the funds are exhausted no more will be available until the following summer.

How to Apply

To apply for aid, complete the online Financial Aid application. We will review your application and then contact you regarding how much aid, if any, will be offered. We will use the information provided in your financial aid form to determine the amount of aid. In some cases we may require additional supporting documents, such as tax forms, to help us evaluate your financial situation.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about our financial aid program.