COVID-19 Update

July 1, 2020

We appreciate your help and cooperation in having your children tested for COVID-19 before camp starts. As a reminder, all children are required to be tested within 7 days of our opening day (i.e. between July 5 and July 12) and provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival at camp.

In order to have your test results available in time, we strongly recommend your children be tested on Monday, July 6 or Tuesday, July 7, if possible. Most testing companies provide results within 2-5 days.

We understand testing availability in certain areas may be impacted by recent increases in COVID-19 cases. Mail-in test kits, such as those available through Vault Health, are a good option. If you plan on using any mail-in test kit service, we recommend you order the test kit immediately. Local urgent care centers are also a good resource.

We have spoken with Vault Health and they are confident you will have your test results for July 12. In order to meet this deadline, you must order your kit from them by Thursday, July 2 at 3:00 pm EDT. Schedule your testing appointment for Monday morning, July 6 and mail the test to them that afternoon by 3:00 pm EDT. You should get your results by the afternoon of July 9. The results will come in an email along with a receipt to submit to your insurance company. For additional information go to the Vault Ordering Guide For Parents

We are working hard to get camp ready and are excited to welcome our campers on July 12th!


June 18, 2020

With less than two weeks before our full staff arrives, our preparations for a great summer are in full swing. We are grateful so many new and former campers have chosen to join us this year!  We will continue to update you on a regular basis with Covid-19 related information as we get closer to camp. In this update, we wanted to focus on pre-camp parent responsibilities.

We continue to refine our program and policies to provide a safe camp experience in accordance with applicable guidelines, while working to provide our campers with as much freedom, choice and autonomy as we can. However, while our mitigation measures are designed to help us prevent, identify and control the spread of any Covid-19 cases at camp, our ideal summer begins with keeping Covid-19 from entering our community. In order to accomplish this goal, we need your help.

Please click here and download a copy our Pre-Camp Health Screening Form. We ask you to take your child’s temperature once each day in the 14 days prior to camp, and to record any symptoms they may have. This form must be delivered to our medical team for their review on opening day. We need your child to arrive at camp healthy and ready for a great experience.

We are also requiring that all campers be tested for Covid-19 within seven days of their arrival at camp, and to provide a copy of the negative test result to our medical team on opening day. After the test is taken, we ask you to take particular care to keep your child from being in any circumstance that might expose them to Covid-19.Please travel to camp as safely as possible, using social distancing, masks, hand washing and hand sanitizers as appropriate.

  • In many areas, tests are available for free on a drive-through basis, with a physician’s order from Quest or LabCorp,  or from a local pharmacy.
  • Please consult your healthcare provider about testing options and prescriptions.
  • Testing for minors, who do not have symptoms, is available from Vault Health. You will need to order the kit in advance.  Other online options include LabCorp and Everlywell.
  • Get Tested COVID-19 is a search tool to locate testing locations in your area:
  • Most urgent care centers, such as MD NOW and American Family Care will provide Covid-19 testing.
  • Many test results are available in 2-3 days.  Some companies will provide results in 3-5 days.  Please consult your testing center for information as to when test results will be available.  Please plan ahead, especially if you are ordering a test kit online.  We encourage you to explore your testing options now.
  • If you have had an antibody test with a positive result, we will still need you to take a Covid-19 test.  Unfortunately, at this time the CDC has not provided guidance as to whether there is immunity to Covid-19 for those who have already had the disease, or if immunity exists, how long it lasts

Should your camper test positive for Covid-19 prior to camp, unfortunately, they will not be able to attend Kingsley Pines this summer.  In this situation, upon our receipt of the positive test result, we will give you a credit for the full amount of the tuition paid toward the 2021 camp season.

Finally, while we have a designated quarantine facility at camp, we are not structured to provide long-term quarantine care. Should any camper have symptoms consistent with Covid-19 infection and is suspected of having Covid-19, we must require that the camper be picked-up within 48 hours. This is for the well-being of both the camper and the entire camp community.

You cooperation in all of these efforts will help us provide your child and all of our campers with a fulfilling and successful camp experience, full of friends, fun and s’mores.


June 11, 2020

Below is an update on some of our COVID-19 policies for this summer.

Quarantine: We are asking all parents to quarantine/self-monitor their children in the two weeks before camp. This means parents should use their best efforts to not put their children at risk of Covid-19 infection. This is not the time to attend day-camp programs, sports programs, birthday parties or interact with new friends. Take your child’s temperature each day in the 14 days prior to camp, and record the result on the Health Screening/Monitoring Form. Any interactions with a family member or other individual who has tested positive for Covid-19 must be disclosed. All parents will be asked to present a completed Health Screening/Monitoring Form upon arrival at camp.

Testing: All campers should be tested for Covid-19 in the week prior to their traveling to camp, and should bring a copy of their negative test result with them. Free testing is now available in many areas. Most urgent care facilities can provide testing, as well as some pharmacies. Many insurance plans cover the cost of testing.

Travel to Camp: If traveling to camp by car, make as few stops as possible and wear a mask when entering a public space. If traveling by plane, a mask should be worn at all times. We strongly encourage children be brought to camp by one family member. However you are traveling, social distancing in public spaces, mask wearing and hand washing is critical. You will have worked hard to keep your child Covid free in the two weeks before camp. Is it critical to minimize the risks associated with travel to camp.

Camper with Covid-19: If any camper has symptoms consistent with Covid-19 infection and is suspected of having Covid-19, we must require that the camper be picked-up within 48 hours.


May 28, 2020

Thank you for your continued support and words of encouragement. Your love of camp motivates us every day as we work toward opening for the 2020 season.

We wanted to provide an update on our schedule, planning and thought processes regarding camp given the challenging circumstances we are facing regarding COVID-19.

Last Friday, the State of Maine published its guidelines for overnight summer camps. We have been carefully reviewing these guidelines, along with guidance that has recently been provided by the CDC and American Camp Association. We believe we can operate camp in accordance with the current guidelines and recommendations. However, the rules we are required to abide by for the health and safety of our camp community and the greater Maine community will require we make alterations to our schedule and sessions.

We have decided that the safest way to operate camp this summer is to have a single 4 ½ week session (July 12 – August 12), with departure options at 3 weeks (August 1) and at the end of the session (August 12).

If you are registered for Session 2, you are automatically registered in Session 2 (3 week option) and no action is required, unless you wish to take advantage of the opportunity to stay for the additional ten days. If you wish to stay the full 4 ½ weeks, please contact us at or 207-894-9030.

If you are registered for Session 3, you will have the option of either choosing to attend Session 2 (3 week option), Session 2 (4 ½ week option), applying your tuition to next year or receiving a refund. We sincerely apologize to our Session 3 families. We know how much your children are looking forward to camp, and want to do everything we can to accommodate them. Unfortunately, the State rules and risks applicable to bringing a new group of campers into camp do not allow us to hold Session 3 as planned. Please contact us at or 207-894-9030 with your choice.

If you are registered for Sessions 2 and 3, you do not need to do anything. You are automatically registered for Session 2 (4 ½ week option). Your account will be credited with the difference in tuition.

Having a successful summer will require we make every reasonable effort to prevent COVID-19 from entering camp, as well as planning to deal appropriately with any possible or actual positive cases. We need you to be our partners in this effort.

We are asking parents to quarantine campers during the two weeks prior to arrival at camp.  All staff will be quarantining on property starting two weeks before campers arrive. A screening questionnaire will be required of all campers before arriving at camp. Testing prior to arrival at camp, if reasonably available, is also an option we are discussing.

Drop-off and pick-up at camp will need to be modified to protect the community, as these will be our most vulnerable times. This year we will not be able to offer any transportation to camp. All children will need to be dropped off and picked up at the camp property. We appreciate our parents’ support in these efforts. As a team, we have the best chance of providing our campers with the kind of summer they so desperately need.

Please understand that even with the steps we are taking, we cannot guarantee that COVID-19 will not enter camp, or that your child will not get it. We will require that all parents sign a waiver prior to camp acknowledging this risk. Each family must carefully weigh the risks and benefits of camp, and decide what is right for their children. We strongly discourage any child with a secondary health condition from attending camp. If you have any questions as to whether camp may be safe or appropriate for your child, please consult your family physician.

We will be programming in smaller groups early in the session, with more flexibility as we develop confidence our camp bubble is a “COVID-19 free” environment. Any symptomatic cases will be quarantined at a designated location in camp and tested as appropriate. We will have additional medical support this summer. Any positive cases of COVID-19 will require us to send the infected camper home within 48 hours, and you must be ready to assist us should this occur. We will be prepared to isolate campers and staff impacted by a positive case as needed, until we can be confident no more cases exist and normal programming can resume.

While our intent is to proceed with camp, changes in State or Federal regulations or adverse changes in the spread of COVID-19 in the local or other Maine communities could cause us to have to close camp for the season. If we cancel camp prior to opening day, you will have the option of receiving a credit for 2021 or a refund.

If you are registered and choose not to attend camp this year, please let us know by June 12, so other children can have the opportunity. If you cancel by that date, you may apply your tuition to next year or request a refund. This is a change from our previous refund policy.

We know this is a lot to absorb, and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.  Please be patient with us, as we are still working on the specifics and logistics of camp operations in response to the State of Maine guidance we just received. We will be able to provide more details to our camp families in the next several weeks.

We have thought long and hard about whether to open Kingsley Pines for the 2020 summer. Ultimately, camp is about the love our campers and staff have for each other and for this special place. The past months have been hard on us all, and on children in particular. Our hearts tell us we need to open camp and provide a positive and fulfilling camp experience for our campers and staff.  Our heads know it will not be easy. We teach our campers to be kind, courageous, empathetic and determined. Why should we be any different?

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to Kingsley Pines Camp this summer.